About me

I spent decades bound by what other people thought of me. I kept my dreams to myself for fear of what others would say if I dared to share them out loud. I knew down deep in my soul I was created to BE more, but I was afraid, so I believed the lie that I wasn’t good enough. I was afraid that if I allowed my light to shine to its full brightness, others would shy away from that light and from me.  

But here’s the deal: I was created to BE that light, not just for myself but for countless others as well.

 I decided to dig deep, focus on the desires of my heart, and create the life I deserved. I decided to accept, appreciate, and celebrate the woman God created in me, and fulfill my purpose of leading other women to that same discovery within themselves.

My journey has not been an easy one, but it’s helped me to understand my purpose and to become the woman I was created to be. I’m grateful for all the lessons have shown me the path to fulfill my dreams. They have equipped me with knowledge, experience, and most of all, the power to change my reality.